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At her Christmas party, Jitka nonchalantly invited all in attendance to return to her house to celebrate New Year. I agreed, despite the fact that this clashed with my usual New Year plan of being woken by fireworks at midnight. It was nice to return to the beach with friends to watch the fireworks all along the bay, but I do miss our old, deserted beach - it just isn't the same having to fit in with crowds of people on the beach.

Again, this was another year where not a lot changed professionally, though having a new manager (and having a manager at all) has meant some changes, like working more in the city, which has had the consequence of seeing daylight for the first time in a long time - and the absurd customised number plates of the people who drive at peak times. Who am I kidding? Not much changed for me personally, either. I don't think that's much of a problem though. I'm not too concerned about anything, really.

My favourite album was easy to choose. Fightstar's Grand Unification was worth waiting for and better than I ever could have guessed. For an album I bought purely for the premise, it could have gone either way, having not heard any of the singles. But I could not find fault with the record. Orchestration was weaved through the songs with purpose, not just as a gimmick. When the album threatened to end on a piano-and-narration track it risked entering Angels and Airwaves territory (not that they are bad, just it risked losing some originality) but it turned around in the second half of Part II of the title track, but left me wanting the whole catalogue at Wake Up. It goes to my list of albums I'd like to see live, backed by a symphony orchestra.

My favourite new album was Sky Ferreira's Night Time, My Time, an album I curiously bought from an online download store. Luckily it doesn't have any songs that meet together, à la Muse's Falling Away With You / Hysteria combination, because my CD burner tends to put a blip of silence between tracks. Essentially a pop album, the underlying distortion throughout sees this cross over to grunge territory, if pop had ever tried it. It works remarkably well.

I watched Orphan Black, and was grateful to SBS for playing the second series immediately after the first, because I was left wanting more. I also enjoyed The Returned a lot. I guess I watched a lot of television this year for some reason. I didn't play anything new, and my favourite movie was Lupin III, even with its shift to a modern setting.
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