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When I was working for Buzz Magazine, I was invited at the end of each year to compile a list of 'favourites' from the year. I have maintained the habit, and find myself wondering, as each year advances, what might be in the running for that year's list. Luckily last year I wasn't required to do one, because there wasn't anything particularly pleasant about 2011.

For one thing, I think I only purchased two albums in the whole year, and only one of those was current. Seeker Lover Keeper's debut did feature several good songs, but none that I feel deserve to see it elevated to the status of 'Best Album' in a list. The only other CD I bought was Beck's The Information. Again, whilst I think he has crafted a good album, carefully running an appealing leitmotif through, it doesn't seem like something that will be on high rotation from my record collection.

Similarly with films, there was nothing particularly memorable that I watched in 2011. As far as television, I realised upon arriving home from one of my trips to Adelaide that I could probably recall every one of the few hours of television I watched last year because they were so few. I did stick with US version of The Killing which I thought was quite good, but otherwise didn't see more than an episode here or there of anything I thought might have been good.

As a whole - for my life in general - the year felt uninteresting. On January 11, I started a new job that I had thought I might enjoy, but quickly learned otherwise. In the lead up to the change, from April 2010 until that day, I'd been working not less than 29 days per month, and was suddenly thrust into a life where I was not required for work on the weekend or evenings or early mornings, and found myself at a loss, not knowing what I should do. At first, I looked forward to the time off, but then discovered I do not enjoy anything other than the pursuit of wealth, however futile it may be considering my current wage. If there was one thing that the year I've now worked in the role has proven, it is that those who say that one needs job satisfaction to perform well are incorrect. I believe I did a very good job, despite hating every single moment of my role, and will continue to do so until the day I am fired which I have found myself increasingly looking forward to.

Market researchers continuously called me asking for my opinion on various topics, and my response was usually 'Indifferent,' because that is all I have really felt about anything for at least twelve months, and possibly longer. When asked to elaborate on that once, I think I asked if it was possible to be 'especially indifferent' towards something. It is the only way to describe how I have felt, and the lack of stimulus around me. Nothing is wrong, but nothing is particularly outstanding, either.

Meanwhile, my work implemented a social network of its own called Yammer, which they encouraged me to use, as apparently people look up to me. The programme prompts the user to update it with 'What are you working on?' or 'What are you doing right now?' Each time I was asked to update the programme, all I could think to answer to those prompts was 'Nothing good.'

That said, I did see some good shows in 2011. I think my favourite would have been Pulp at Festy, but it was closely followed by Andrew W.K.'s show at the Hi-Fi, which hosted several good shows that year, including another highlight towards the end of the year, Misfits. I don't think, however, that the passing of one year into the next will magically change things. I've never seen much point in celebrating new year's eve, so this year I didn't, again. I don't know if people are celebrating that one year is over or that another is beginning. Even when I did celebrate, I usually saw the changing of the calendar as little more than an excuse for a big night out.
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