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Feet, Don't Fail Me Now...

My usual modus operandi is to not sleep on flights. The one time I did, I ended up like Lil Wayne. For this trip though, I planned to sleep. The plane from Melbourne to Doha had an impressive selection of movies, but I watched only the new Deathnote between naps. Our flight from Doha was delayed, but I'd lost track of time and didn't notice. The view during takeoff was unlike any I'd ever seen before: arid stretches of desert punctuated by the construction of luxury towers and oceans spotted with artificial islands carved into intricate shapes. It was much different to the green pastures that awaited when we landed in Budapest.

In the long wait at Hungarian immigration, Poppa wondered aloud how he would recognise his nephew Zoli. He mentioned that it had been quite some time since they'd seen one another, and I thought that seemed like something of a problem. As it turned out, they found each other easily, but poor Zoli had been waiting since 11am, and it was now well after 1pm. The trip from the airport to the home of Zoli and his family felt like a long way out of the city. On the way, a fleet of helicopters flew overhead in formation. No one in the car was able to understand my questions about where the helicopters might be going or doing.

The house was the kind of collection of mezzanines and sunken living areas that I love. Up the teak stairs without rails, I was shown to a room belonging to Zoli and his wife's eldest son, who has apparently moved out. I was greeted there by a shelf with a machine gun.
I slept a lot. I suppose I was still recovering from the interrupted sleeps of Splendour and the flights, and it was good to be sleeping in a bed for the first time. In the morning I met Zoli's son, also named Zoli. He'd apparently offered to escort me into the city, though I said that directions to the train station would be sufficient. Still, his company helped me into the city, and when I bought him lunch, he introduced me to a local beer, Dreher, which I liked a lot. I'm not big beer drinker, but I did enjoy drinking that big beer. After lunch, Zoli left for work. I hoped that he had actually offered to show me around and that Poppa hadn't insisted upon it.

I checked into the Hotel Budapest. It is a round tower, not unlike the Saville in South Yarra, and about as grand. Its guest information hilariously stated 'contrary to the urban legend, the rooms of Hotel Budapest are not shaped like slices of cake...' It is luckily conveniently located to a Metro station, so getting around should prove no problem, although after arriving in town, I got around on foot instead.

I mainly used the day to familiarise myself with my location, and ensure I would know where to go for my tour in the evening. It was around 35 degrees during the day, so after trekking across the city, I wanted a shower before my evening's adventures. It was while resting at the hotel that I witnessed an incredible storm above the mountains visible from my tenth-floor room. Whilst impressive, I hoped it would pass before I needed to head back to the Zero Kilometer Stone for my tour. When the time rolled around, it was still a little wet, so for the first time in my life, I borrowed a hotel umbrella and started walking toward the Stone. I'd allowed plenty of time, and hadn't eaten since lunch, so I stopped into a bar overlooking the round-about and ordered lángos, and also ordered a Unicum cocktail - the first time I've ever enjoyed the herbal-mediciny spirit.

The guide, Fanni, arrived at the square carrying her lantern as promised, and was less vampiric perhaps than advertising for her Vampire History tour suggested. I enjoyed the castle tour though, and Fanni's combination of what would be fodder for the Horrible Histories show as well as tales of folklore and true vampire stories. Plus, despite the rain, the castle by night was amazing.

During the tour, Fanni pointed out what looked like a well, but was actually a portal into the labyrinth beneath the castle. I asked about the closure of the labyrinth, and Fanni gave me a tip about an entrance, which I took note of for today. Hopefully I'll be able to find it.
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Gary Glitter...

As I stumbled out into the hipster streets, I thought it would be easy for people to think I've missed this career for the lifestyle. It's true, I'd felt like going home when I had my name ticked off the media guestlist. I was somewhat intoxicated, and I'd made the most of the antipasto in the private bar before the event.

I recalled the lifestyle, certainly - starting work in a pub at midday, evenings on duty in lobbies and bars - but as the thought crossed my mind, 'It's good to be back,' what I was thinking of was purely work. How could I create an honest review, whether positive or negative (and my feeling at the time was that it could go either way,) whilst still crafting enjoyable content?

That was my job before. It wasn't lucrative, but I enjoyed it. Perhaps now, I can enjoy it again. On Tuesday, May 16, I submitted my notice of resignation, giving my final date of employment as June 30. For the following week, I kept running into my new manager, Chris. He kept telling me that we needed to talk, and I promised that we could, when I had time, or after hours. It wasn't until over a week later that I was available for a few minutes. I was asked to stay. I was asked what I need to be given to stay. I can admit that I was surprised to be asked, but also satisfied with my autonomous respose - that I would only need everything that I have been requesting for the past two years: the minimum resources required to do my job to even an adaquate standard. During that meeting, I was promised that everything would be done to make those requests a reality. The CEO and other stakeholders were called. I responded that those improvements would be wonderfully beneficial to my antecendents... so I suppose my answer was moot. I would not stay somewhere where it takes one's resignation to be provided with a notebook, pens, and space to work.

It was nice after months of 12, 13, 14, and a few 22 hour shifts, to spend an evening going to a different type of work, the kind I enjoy. It might have only been a one-night deal, but it was good. The show - a premiere of a web-series - wasn't exactly my cup of tea. I'll need to consider it in context though. As Marshall McLuhan said, the medium is the message, and this was a medium which fascinates me. I'll need to consider the work in its original context before writing.

At the station, I discovered that trains were cancelled. Signage to the arranged alternative transport seemed to assume prior geographical knowledge, but all I knew was that I was somewhere near where I bought breakfast after Angela's birthday party. After a lucrative detour to a gaming lounge, I found my bearings when I spotted the Brunswick Hotel. I knew that the tram route with a stop outside would lead to the city, but a glance along Sydney Road revealed no tram in sight. Live music was playing inside the Brunny, so I headed towards the entrance.

A group of people seemed to be debriefing outside, and I was shuffling past them to the door when a large man speaking on a mobile phone grabbed me by the shoulder. I assumed I was being refused entry - perhaps my intoxication was more evident than I realised - but the man's arm moved from my shoulder to wrap around me for a hug. I looked up into his face and recognised that it wasn't a bouncer, but Adam.

I hadn't seen him in at least six months, but maybe closer to a year, and I'd been postponing returning his telephone call for over a month, knowing it would lead to a long conversation during a time when my hours between work were limited and generally dedicated to essential and limited sleep. So I spent longer than I had planned with him and his friends. With them, I praised, rather than heckled, a few dreamy guitar boys, each of whom wore his heard on his sleeve and his influences on his setlist. Both of them were undeservedly self-depricating in their banter, but this was perhaps fueled by the fact that the group I had joined were only half-watching, seated directly beneath the stage,and at similar stages of intoxication as myself. All of this, in hindsight, was probably causing us to speak at a higher volume than neccessary during an acoustic performance. We probably also did nothing to encourage the following performer by starting to leave right when his act was annuonced, but it was getting late and we all hail from the suburbs. The act was a rapper with an indeterminate yet charming accent rhyming over a backing tape reminiscent of the New York rap of the 1990s. Part-way through his first song, he demanded that the music be halted so that he could restart, though we had noticed no fault. We were leaving by that time though, so didn't get to see the song in full.

It couldn't have been long, because it seemed like only a couple of minutes later that the rapper joined me on the tram I'd boarded outside the pub. I asked him about the restart, and he told me that he needed to correct a mistake.

'No, you should have rolled with it!' I told him. 'You sounded great there at the start.'

He seemed disappointed, like he didn't agree. I asked how the rest of his set went, and was told quietly that it wasn't good. I asked if he ever went to dedicated freestyle nights, but the rapper told me that he needed a lot of practice before he tried that. I told him to keep it up, that he sounded on the right track. He thanked me quietly, but didn't say much else, which I took to mean he wanted to be alone. It is equally as likely that I was still speaking loudly and he simply hoped to avoid encouraging me, or that I would not draw attention to him.

Either way, I went to a different seat and opened my notebook to pen some thoughts on the series premiere. I suppose I won't be getting far on that though, since I've ended up writing this entry instead.
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finalList 2016...

Amy Shark - Adore
Avalanches, The - Frankie Sinatra
Ball Park Music - Whipping Boy
Cub Sport - Come On Mess Me Up
Hellions - Nightliner Rhapsody
M83 - Do It, Try It
Midnight To Monaco - One In A Million
Miike Snow - Genghis Khan
Sløtface - Take Me Dancing
Weeknd, The - Starboy {Ft. Daft Punk}
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shortList 2016...

A Day To Remember - Paranoia
A Day To Remember - Bullfight
A Tribe Called Quest - Solid Wall Of Sound
A.B. Original - 2 Black 2 Strong
A.B. Original - Take Me Home {Ft. Gurrumul}
A.B. Original - January 26 {Ft. Dan Sultan}
Abbe May - Doomsday Clock
Action Bronson, Mark Ronson & Dan Auerbach - Standing In The Rain
Against Me! - 333
Alex Cameron - The Comeback
Alex Lahey - Let's Go Out
Alex The Astronaut - Already Home
Alex The Kid - Vinyls
Alexandra Savior - Shades
Ali Barter - Girlie Bits
All Our Exes Live In Texas - The Devil's Part
ALTA - Unbelievable
AlunaGeorge - Not Above Love
Amber Mark - Monsoon {Ft. Mia Mark}
Amity Affliction, The - This Could Be Heartbreak
Amity Affliction, The - Nightmare
Amity Affliction, The - Tearing Me Apart
Amy Shark - Adore
Amy Shark - Miss You Love {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Anderson .Paak - Put Me Thru
Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
Anne-Marie - Alarm
Apothek - Waiting For The Thunder
Architects - Gone With The Wind
Arthur Beatrice - Since We Were Kids
Artificial Pleasure - I'll Make It Worth Your While
Atmosphere - Salma Hayek
AURORA - Warrior
Avalanches, The - Frankie Sinatra
Avalanches, The - Subways
Avalanches, The - The Noisy Eater
Avalanches, The - The Wozard Of Iz
Baauer - Day Ones {Ft. Novelist/Leikeli47}
Babaganouj - Sorry
Ball Park Music - Whipping Boy
Ball Park Music - Pariah
Ball Park Music - Peppy
Banks - Gemini Feed
Banks - Lovesick
Banks - This Is Not About Us
Banks & Steelz - Love & War {Ft. Ghostface Killah}
Basement - Aquasun
Basement - Oversized
Basement - Promise Everything
Bear's Den - Auld Wives
Beautiful Monument, The - Disorder
Bec Sandridge - You're A Fucking Joke
Beck - Wow
Bennies, The - Legalise (But Don't Tax)
Beyoncé - 6 Inch {Ft. The Weeknd}
Big Scary - Oxygen
Birds Of Tokyo - Brace
Birds Of Tokyo - Harlequins
Birds Of Tokyo - Gods
Birds Of Tokyo - Catastrophe
Bleached - Wednesday Night Melody
Blink-182 - Bored To Death
Blink-182 - Los Angeles
Bloc Party - Stunt Queen
Bob Evans - Matterfact
Brendan Maclean - Hugs Not Drugs (Or Both)
British India - I Thought We Knew Each Other
Broods - Free
Cage The Elephant - Trouble
Canary - Chameleon
Castlecomer - Escapism
Cat Empire, The - Bulls
Ceres - Choke
Ceres - 91, Your House
Childish Gambino - Redbone
Chvrches - Warning Call (Theme from Mirror's Edge Catalyst}
Chvrches - Bury It {Ft. Hayley Williams}
Chymes - Grow
Citizen Kay - Brickhouse/Uptown Funk {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Client Liaison - Off White Limousine
cln - Owls
Coda Chroma - Ones & Ohs
Columbus - Say What You Want
Confidence Man - Boyfriend (Repeat)
Courtney Barnett - New Speedway Boogie
Crepes - Hidden Star
Crystal Castles - Fleece
Cub Sport - Come On Mess Me Up
D.D Dumbo - King Franco Picasso
D.R.A.M. - Misunderstood {Ft. Young Thug}
Daughter - No Care
David Bowie - Lazarus
David Bowie - Blackstar
DBFC - Autonomic
Deadmau5 - Snowcone
Deap Vally - Gonnawanna
Declan McKenna - Paracetamol
Declan McKenna - Isombard
Deep Sea Arcade - Learning To Fly
Desiigner - Panda
Desiigner - Tiimmy Turner
Dillinger Escape Plan, The - Symptom Of Terminal Illness
Dillon Francis - Candy {Ft. Snappy Jit}
DMA'S - Step Up The Morphine
DMA's - Believe {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Dorsal Fins - Sedated
Drapht - Frankie Sinatra {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Dream On Dreamer - Stay
Drugdealer - Suddenly {Ft. Weyes Blood}
Ecca Vandal - Divided
EDEN - Sex
Eliot Sumner - Firewood
Elizabeth Rose - Playing With Fire {Ft. Remi}
Emma Louise - Colours
Empire Of The Sun - High And Low
Empire Of The Sun - Digital Life
Fakear - Silver {Ft. Rae Morris}
Feki - You Got Me {Ft. Dom Vino}
Felix Riebl - Shadows
Fil Bo Riva - Like Eye Did
Florence + The Machine - Too Much Is Never Enough
Flume - You Know {Ft. Allan Kingdom/Raekwon}
Francis And The Lights - See Her Out
Frank Ocean - Nikes
Frank Ocean - Pink + White
Frank Ocean - Solo
Frank Ocean - Nights
Frank Ocean - White Ferrari
From Oslo - No Sound
Gabriella Cohen - Alien Anthem
Gang Of Youths - Strange Diseases
Ghost - Square Hammer
Glass Animals - Life Itself
Glass Animals - Mama's Gun
Glass Animals - The Other Side Of Paradise
Glass Animals - Cane Shuga
Golden Age Of Ballooning - So They Say
Gordi - Wanting
Green Buzzard - Do You Ever Glow?
Grenadiers - Live Fast, Diabetes
Grouplove - Welcome To Your Life
Grouplove - Do You Love Someone
Hands Like Houses - Colourblind
Hands Like Houses - Don't Speak {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Harts - Fear In Me
Harts - Hope
Hayden Calnin - Caution Cares
Hellions - Quality Of Life
Hellions - 24
Hellions - Thresher
Hellions - Nightliner Rhapsody
Hellions - 25
Highasakite - Someone Who'll Get It
Highasakite - Samurai Swords
Hilltop Hoods - 1955 {Ft. Montaigne/Tom Thum}
Hockey Dad - Malibu {triple j Like A Version}
Holy Holy - Darwinism
Honeyblood - Sea Hearts
How To Dress Well - Lost Youth / Lost You
Hudson Mohawke - Play N Go
Illa J - Spiders
Illy - Hazard To Myself {Ft. Sir The Baptist}
Infinity Ink - Full Capacity
INHEAVEN - Baby's Alright
Introvert - Everything Is Different Now
IV League - Bleached
Jack Garratt - Fire
Jagwar Ma - Slipping
Jake Bugg - Gimme The Love
James Blake - Radio Silence
Jamie T - Tescoland
Jarrow - $$ Spoilers $$
Jarryd James - 1000x {Ft. Broods}
Jezabels, The - Unnatural
Joey Purp - Girls @ {Ft. Chance The Rapper}
JP Moregun - Street Signs
K.Flay - Blood In The Cut
Kacy Hill - Lion
Kanye West - Famous
Katy Steele - It Ain't Me
Kaytranada - One Too Many {Ft. Phonte}
Kendrick Lamar - untitled 08 09.06.2014.
Kills, The - Doing It To Death
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Gamma Knife
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Rattlesnake
Kingfisha - Left It
Kita Alexander - Damage Done
Korn - Rotting In Vain
Kuren - Home {Ft. Ben Alessi}
Ladyhawke - A Love Song
Last Shadow Puppets, The - Dracula Teeth
Last Shadow Puppets, The - Everything You've Come To Expect
Last Shadow Puppets, The - Sweet Dreams, TN
LAZERTITS - Boss Bitch
Le Pie - Up All Night
Lemaitre - We Got U {Ft. The Knocks}
letlive. - Good Mourning, America
Lewis Del Mar - Painting (Masterpiece)
Little Deed - Brother
Little Green Cars - The Song They Play Every Night
Living End, The - Keep On Running
Lonely Boys - Murray Island
M.I.A. - Bird Song {Diplo Remix}
M83 - Do It, Try It
M83 - Bibi The Dog
M83 - Solitude
M83 - Road Blaster
M83 - Walkway Blues
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Light Tunnels {Ft. Mike Slap}
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Need To Know {Ft. Chance The Rapper}
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - Dance Off {Ft. Anderson .Paak/Idris Elba}
Maids - Girl Power
Make Them Suffer - Ether
Margaret Glaspy - You And I
Matt Corby - Belly Side Up
Methyl Ethel - Cry Me A River {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Methyl Ethel - No. 28
Mezko - Everyone
Mickey Kojak - Move Too Fast
Miike Snow - Genghis Khan
Miike Snow - The Heart Of Me
Milky Chance - Cocoon
Modern Baseball - Wedding Singer
Money War, The - Recall
Montaigne - Because I Love You
Montaigne - In The Dark
Montaigne - I Am Behind You
MS MR - Genghis Khan {triple j Like A Version 2016}
MUTO - Through The Fog
Naked And Famous, The - Laid Low
Ngaiire - Cruel
Nicholas Allbrook - Advance
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
Ninjas, The - Morphine
NOFX - I Don't Like Me Anymore
OLSSON - Hold On {Ft. Mapei}
Olympia - Somewhere To Disappear
ORB - Iron Mountain
Orwells, The - Buddy
Owls, The - Feels Like Gold
Paul Dempsey - Morningless
PEZ - Calling Out {Ft. Paul Dempsey}
Phantogram - Cruel World
PIXX - Grip
PJ Harvey - The Wheel
Polaris - Regress
Polish Club - My House
Pop Cult - Feels Right
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter
Preatures, The - I Know A Girl
Pretty Littles, The - Sleeping In Water
Prism Tats - Death Or Fame
Promises Ltd. - Days Of Lavender
PUP - If This Tour Doesn't Kill You, I Will
PUP - Familiar Patterns
Radiohead - Spectre
Radiohead - Burn The Witch
Radiohead - Decks Dark
Radiohead - The Numbers
Radiohead - Daydreaming
Rat Boy - Move
Raury - L$D {triple j Like A Version 2016}
RAYE - Shhh
Remi - Lose Sleep {Ft. Jordan Rakei}
Remi - Contact Hi/High/I {Ft. Silent Jay}
Resin Moon - Feels
ROI - Maths & Engineering
Rubens, The - King Kunta/Hello {triple j Like A Version 2016}
Rubens, The - Same Drugs
Ruiins, The - Eventually
Ruminaters, The - Bad Bad Things
Running Touch - Aubrey
SAATSUMA - Floating
SAFIA - Over You
SAFIA - Together, Locked Safely
SAFIA - Bye Bye
Sahara Beck - Spinning Time
Samuel - Killr
San Cisco - SloMo
San Mei - Revel
Sans Parents - Can't Stop Moving
Santigold - Chasing Shadows
Saosin - The Silver String
Saviour - The Quiet Calm
ScHoolboy Q - Ride Out {Ft. Vince Staples}
ScHoolboy Q - JoHn Muir
Scott & Charlene's Wedding - Distracted
Shining Bird - I Can Run
Skegss - Spring Has Sprung
Skepta - That's Not Me {Ft. JME}
Sløtface - Take Me Dancing
Slumberhaze - Silence
Soft Hair - Lying Has To Stop
Sophie Lowe - Crazy
Soulwax - Transient Program For Drums And Machinery
Sticky Fingers - Our Town
Stonefield - Love
Storm The Sky - Jaded Ghost
Strokes, The - Drag Queen
Sum 41 - Fake My Own Death
Sundara Karma - She Said
Tash Sultana - Jungle
Temper Trap, The - Fall Together
Temper Trap, The - Burn
Temples - Certainty
Tenderfoot - The Balcony Tale
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Nobody Dies
Thom Sonny Green - Vienna
Thundamentals - Think About It {Ft. Peta & The Wolves}
Timberwolf - Something That I Said
Tired Lion - Not My Friends
Tourist Dollars - Horse Girl
Travis Scott - Goosebumps
Trophy Eyes - Chlorine
Twelve Foot Ninja - Invincible
Two Door Cinema Club - Surgery
Urthboy - Second Heartbeat {Ft. Sampa The Great/Okenyo}
Urthboy - Daughter Of The Light {Ft. Kira Puru}
Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Killing Me To Love You
VANT - Fly-By Alien
Velociraptor - Hunk With A Hunch
Venus II - Inside Yr Sun
Violent Soho - Viceroy
Violent Soho - Blanket
Washington - Saint Lo
Weeknd, The - Starboy {Ft. Daft Punk}
Weeknd, The - False Alarm
Wesley Fuller - Melvista
West Thebarton Brothel Party - Dolewave
Why We Run - Hallway
Woodes - Daggers & Knives
xx, The - On Hold
Yellow Fang - Morning
Zeds Dead - Too Young {Ft. Rivers Cuomo/Pusha T}
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A little known fact is that I actually have extended family. I might not talk about them too often, because they are equal parts dead and not people I have spoken to for a long time. A result is that, since the phasing out of Gazareth, I usually don't have plans to report by Christmas. I still celebrate Christmas, but it is usually over before Christmas morning. For the last few years, when asked about my plans for Christmas, my answer has routinely been 'Sleeping in.'

This year, I was invited by my aunt to Christmas lunch, at her family's house in Bendigo. In years gone by, my family would often spend Christmas day either at that house, at my family's home, or at my other aunt's house, though the last time that tradition was observed was probably in 1988. In the lead up, I found myself looking forward to the lunch, and in particular to seeing my cousins. I figured it must have been over fifteen years since I had last seen them, and I had long sought opportunity to do so.

We left early on Christmas morning, with my father having offered Poppa a lift which he had declined. He had wanted to go to church in the morning at his leisure, but promised to drive himself to Bendigo, and he'd also offered to drive me home. My parents, meanwhile, were staying in Bendigo over night, and booked a hotel room large enough to accommodate me should I also wish to stay. It was suggested I leave my car at a station in case I needed to take a train home, but once Poppa confirmed that he would be driving home, I decided against the plan.

After a couple of hours, we arrived. It was a hot day, and I expressed my guilt for leaving Jessie at home, but she seemed to have very much enjoyed her gift which Simon had sent from Paris, care of PETA - vegan dog treats displayed in a stylish wreath format. It was great to see my cousins again, as well as to meet their partners, both of whom I immediately liked a lot. Then of course, there were all the people I had no idea about and how they fit in. It probably shows how far out of the loop I've become.

An announcement was made before lunch by my aunt Joy: My grandfather would no longer be joining us. He had phoned on route to say he couldn't find the address. He'd used his GPS to get to the correct street, but unfortunately navigated to the completely incorrect town, a similar distance from home in the wrong direction. Gifts were exchanged in a Kris Kringle (or Jidka-style) fashion, with my cousin Stuart proving himself to be the most colourblind of the males of our generation of the family.

'I'd like the orange present, Stu!' called Bob, innocently. Stuart looked blankly at the gifts, and whilst I could understand, having been in similar situations regularly (particularly in a professional context in regards to Mr Sketch tones,) I was surprised at the extent of his afliction. Meanwhile, my immediate family cemented our reputation by choosing distinctly bottle-shaped gifts each time our names were called.

My aunt, a real estate agent, asked some questions about my house, and my mother complained about the fact that I still didn't technically own a house - I must have forgotten to tell her that I actually had had the house signed over to me a few days earlier. When I revealled this, she became incredibly angry at me, as though I had kept the fact a secret for some reason. Perhaps I had failed to mention it, but if so, it was probably only because I'd worked so much and only seen my family when we were doing specific things.

My uncle Ian, as well as being a gunzel of the classic variety, is also renowned for his car collection, and I was pleased after lunch when the invitation was extended to browse his elaborate garage and see his vintage ambulance and Austin convertible (I think it is an Austin.) I had alterior motives, however. My parents had, at my cousin John's wedding, strategically mentioned my Mini, sitting devestatingly in need of repair. Their hope, I learned, was that someone might offer to give it a good home. Whilst that isn't my ideal solution, it is one I might consider. Apparently, my ideal solution was the one that was assumed by Stuart - that he'd like to repair the car for fun. So as people paraded to the garage, I sought opportunities to reintroduce the idea and state my strong support for it.

And then the point came. Either one was staying, or leaving. My parents suggested I stay, but I said someone had to look after Jessie. I had made my plan. Unline the previously anthemic Blink-182 single, I would be home for Christmas. So I headed to the station. I'd planned this. I had examined the V-Line timetable and packed my Gameboy and a book. Whatever research I had done was thwarted by the unpredictable country Christmas time table. I waited a couple of hours before the train came, quite certain of the direction I needed to travel, but doubting myself after several scenes of the game Secret Files: Tunguska were completed I started to find myself wondering if the trains that felt like they were going in the wrong direction might have been the ones I needed. Eventually the train that felt right came, and I climbed aboard.

I found a map to confirm that I was in fact going in the right direction, and settled back to enjoy the ride. I didn't need my Gameboy a lot, because I wanted to check out the scenery, but darkness fell quickly. It was a longer journey than I expected it to be, and it was after midnight when I arrived at Spencer Street. I opted to take the first train to Flinders Street to find the most suburban trains. My guess was, that by this time, I would need to walk home. As is my usual Modus Operandi, I took the first train heading in the right direction. It happened to be a Dandenong train, so I walked home from Springvale. On the way, I seemed to frighten a girl, who screamed when she turned a corner and came face to face with me. The walk also gave me a chance to observe some of the local Christmas lights, but by that time it was after 1am, and perhaps some had been deactivated, or maybe they just aren't as prevelant as they used to be.

I'd cited Jessie being at home without food as the reason for my desperation to leave, but when I served her a late night dinner, I realised she had had the vegan wreath treats to much on all day.
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These Final Stages...

Without ceremony, I became a homeowner. I was grateful for the lack of fanfare. In my years of house hunting, I'd seen numerous pictures of couples standing proudly before real estate sign boards, some plastering a 'sold' label over the sign, others raising Champagne flutes with a smiling real estate agent. Whilst I might have enjoyed drinking with a real estate agent, I would prefer to do so within the familiar confines of a bar, and not involving being photographed committing offences in contravention of Victoria's anti-social behaviour laws.

I didn't drive over the weekend, and when I turned my ignition yesterday, nothing happened at all, so I've been leaving my car and heading to the bus stop. That afternoon, I headed back to my future home. The builders had been very enthusiastic a couple of weeks earlier for me to attend a 'Pre-settlement Inspection,' but during that visit, the townhouse was, in my opinion, dismally far from completion. This week, when I tried to request a subsequent inspections, all stakeholders have acted surprised. It seems that they expected me to be satisfied with the initial inspection, which I was not (though, I admit, I was quite happy with the size and layout of the rooms.) I went through my list of contacts related to the property until I was given a direct number to the building foreman. He was surprised to hear from me, and initially directed me back to the person who had provided his number, but reluctantly set an appointment.

On site, the property at least looked like a completed house. I identified a few areas of concern and was promised that they would be rectified. On the bus ride home, my conveyancer called to tell me that they were 'ready to settle,' and that this would happen the following day. I mentioned the matters I'd seen at the house, and was told to put them in writing. I did so, and was included in an email between them - the first piece of action I've experienced from them other than an initial meeting months earlier with a lawyer who later denied having ever met me, but can be forgiven because I admire the car she drives - and also a response from the builder this morning with brief mentions next to each of my concerns detailing the time of day it would be fixed.

Shortly after midday today, a lawyer who identified himself as Liam called, and said 'Settlement of your property is now complete.'

When I asked what I needed to do now, he seemed a little confused. It seemed he expected the call to have concluded already. 'Well...' Liam stammered. 'I guess you move into your house, if that's what you want to do.'

I thanked him, and later recieved an email from the office of the builder asking that I attend their office, en route to my Werribee office, tomorrow. I arranged to do so at the latest available appointment, so I can at least get some of a day of work in. This is apparently to collect keys as well as 'key documents.' After months of me rescheduling appointments (or skipping them all together,) I ended up being the one having to rush to meet deadlines. Everyone has been how exciting it must be to be a homeowner, and I guess it is, if for no other reason that all of these appointments are hopefully now finished.
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Angela and Paulo took annual leave from work which threatened to be permanent. Kate was made redundant. And then the training calendar filled up. It meant that for the past six weeks, Adam and I have been the entire training department and left responsible for more days of training than there are in the week. The result, despite our protests, has been a lot of overlapping sessions at the beginning and end of training groups, and weekends and evenings spent on preparation.

An unexpected result was a significant heaping of praise on myself. I don't really take that sort of thing well. Further, I was suspicious of its authenticity. My manager phrased things in an unusual way: 'Because they were so impressed with your work last time, they've asked you to train another group.'

'What day does it start?' I asked, and instead of telling me, my manager asked me to respond to the compliment. I told him that I would have done it either way. He told me that I should be proud to have had my hard work recognised, but I commented upon my doubt that that recognition would translate to financial advantage.

Later, in speaking with Kate, she told me that upon her departure she made mention of the lack of recognition of the work of her team. I guess now we are being overcompensated. But, as I said to the boss, not financially.
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Watches and Watches...

I've been trying to remember when I lost my watches. I know that I had gone months without wearing a watch after the batteries had run out in all of my three watches. I'd taken all of them to a stall in Dandenong Market to have the batteries replaced on a Saturday. On the Monday following, I'd selected my newest watch to wear to work - square-faced and featuring more gold than I usually like to wear, I wouldn't have chosen this for myself, but the gift - with its matching cufflinks - apparently suited me, based on the numerous compliments I'd recieved on it. When I went to bed that evening, I set the watch on my bedside table.

Getting ready for work the following morning, I went to select a watch from my bedside table. Only two were lined up there. The gold-detailed one from the previous day was nowhere to be seen, but I took my favourite watch and left. I perhaps thought the absence odd, but but didn't think too much about it. Maybe, I considered, the watch had fallen into the drawer or somewhere behind the table. Maybe I'd flung it somewhere during an overnight convulsion.

My favourite watch, that I wore that Tuesday, was usually reserved for casual occassions. A blatant rip-off of the 'Big Tic' design which brought fame to Fossil, my watch improved upon the original design, with bolder colours and shamelessly cartoonish circularity. On Tuesday evening, I left that watch on my bedside table too. When I woke up on Wednesday morning, I found it gone too, with only one watch remaining. That last watch has remained with me and did not suffer the fate of disappearance that the others did. A thorough search for the missing watches followed at the weekend of the disappearance, but when was that?

It was certainly well before June, 2015. On that date, I'd returned from the Terminator Genisys premiere in Sydney to find everything removed from my room and my parents painting. During the removal, they'd not found the watches fallen behind any of the furniture, with my mother commenting that she had expected to. I also took the opportunity to empty all of my drawers to find if the watch had perhaps been misplaced - maybe I remembered incorrectly.
In any event, I'd gone well over one year without the watches, and, I suspect, probably several years.

Then, on the morning after Halloween, I woke up and started to get ready for work. I went to my bedside table to put on the new watch I've bought - another one that attracts a lot of compliments, as well as surprise when I reveal that it had cost little more than four dollars - to find the fake-Fossil watch, exactly where it had disappeared from years earlier. Its battery was flat, and it appeared to have travelled - scuffs now appear on its band - but it was otherwise as I had left it, including the slightly off-centre numbers from when the batteries had been changed at Dandenong. I was thrilled to see it, even though I couldn't wear it immediately.

During the absence of my two watches, my mother sometimes commented 'I don't know how things can simply disappear,' which was something I had never really had a problem with. I'd used the example of the disappearance of my watches as evidence that things do in fact sometimes disppear without a trace while people were fretting the loss of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 (which, I realise, took place in early 2014, when my watches had already gone.) Now that one has returned, she had changed her tune: 'How can something just appear like that?'

I had wondered if the pattern would continue in reverse - would the watch with the gold detail appear on Wednesday morning? - but so far only the one watch has appeared. I am happy about it. I have had the batteries replaced and am wearing it today for the first time. I continue to be satisfied with the explanation that sometimes things just disappear, but it is also nice to know that sometimes they come back.
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I was not disappointed. Shin Godzilla was, admittedly, pandering to both Evangalion and Godzilla fans, but was unafraid of bucking the conventions of each. That said, it played kind of like a mash-up reMix of both - even musically: Akira Ifukube's original Godzilla score gave way to Evangelion's drum-heavy strategy plan theme. They were even played over boardroom montages. The addition of guitar fuzz over the familiar bass and drums gave me hope that the fabled live action Evangelion film could one day be a great thing.

The caption on the poster in the lobby - 'A god incarnate. A city doomed.' - suggested a return of Gozilla the villain, rather than the hero of the multitudinous Godzilla vs. Evil Monster type of movie. The name of Hideoaki Anno with the title of director hinted that we might see a blend of action and drama to match his previous creation of television's finest series. The bold design prepared us for something devestating.

Once seated, the film lauched into action immediately, an explosion in Tokyo Bay. The first appearance of the god incarnate is less than godly - this new Godzilla starts as a weird salamander-like creature, and evolves throughout. The tactic is intially jarring but puts the audience firmly in the same position as patrons must have been in 1954 when they first saw Godzilla: expecting a giant monster romp, predicting what is to happen next, only to be shocked a new ability to push the devestation forward.

The film does, however, take some getting used to, particularly for those who don't speak or read Japanese. Like Anno's Evangelion, scenes, titles, tactics, timeframes, vehicles and almost everything else are labelled largely on-screen. For Shin Godzilla, he has surpassed the number of labels in Eva, plastering almost everything other than our antihero. For the western audience following the dialogue via subtitles, it took a while to realise where we needed to look, but once we could, we could sit back and enjoy watching the futility of the military efforts.

It was strange to go back to the beginning, to a present where Godzilla has never been known, but also an amazing experience, with the monster looking better than ever, reviving the ominous tone of the original film and playing the terror of the creature - even in its early, ridiculous forms - completely straight, whilst not being without the humour of the human condition. Evangelion met Godzilla, and it really worked.
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Shin Godzilla...

I am completely comfortable now to attend a film screening or concert by myself. My taste (and often dedication to) is often such that if I didn't allow myself to go unaccompanied, I'd miss out on a quality event. Friends of mine simply aren't interested, or as interested, in many of the things I am. Next year, I may travel to parts of Europe alone: Chernobyl, certainly, but depending on line-up announcements, possibly a music festival or two as well.

Tonight I'm drinking Mexican cider alone in an unfortunately brightly lit bar before I'll attend the premiere of Shin Godzilla. I have surprised myself withe the level of excitement that I have experienced for this film. I usually try not to be too enthusiastic about things, but I haven't been able to surpress it in this instance. I hope I won't be disappointed.

On an unrelated note, why do people seem to feel foolish when doing foolish things that other people witness, but only when they realise they've been spotted by more people than they first thought?
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